13 Easy Ways to Calm Your Nerves during a DMV Driving Test


Most new drivers fail their first driving test, not because they haven’t spent at least 50 hours practicing driving (as required by the law in some states), but because they are usually nervous. The nervousness starts some days before the test and can get worse during the test. Unfortunately, most …

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Top Reasons Why Drivers Involve In A Car Collision


If a road is prone to accident, it’s normal for most drivers to slow down. Perhaps, it caused trouble for other drivers and pedestrians. The statistics recorded different numbers of vehicular accidents in every state. Like in Oklahoma, where they have listed 239 people died and 77 in Oklahoma City …

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Why Safety Driving Is Mandatory on The Road


Traffic accidents are bothering when you meet them on the road. Your driving skills reflect you while behind the wheel. Practicing safety driving is an ideal way to stay away from danger. From the years past, most car features are innovative. The progress of car mobility has become popular with …

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The Bad Effect of Distracted Driving


Do you know how dangerous effect of distracted driving? The statistic shows the number of people who hurt and die due to distracted driving. The total number of killed are 9 and 1,000 are injured every day. Numbers truly not lie. From the infographic, you will discover how bad it …

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Driving Test Tips: 5 Common Mistakes When You Start Driving


A driving test is not an easy one, and if you want to pass it, you should be aware of some common mistakes that frequently prevent applicants from getting their driving licenses. They are quite obvious and somewhat silly, nevertheless, are worth of paying attention to before scheduling the driving …

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Drunk Driving vs Driving High

Drunk Driving

Can a breathalyzer test detect the presence of marijuana in a person’s blood? This infographic shows how the alcohol level in blood is measured across the USA and Canada, as well as how the police officers can detect if you were smoking marijuana before driving. Check how much will you …

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