20 Desk Exercises to Stay Fit & Healthy

Having a sedentary lifestyle, that is, staying seated for hours on end is the number one cause of obesity and low cardio endurance. These health problems are common for office workers, especially for call center agents who spend a third of their day sitting and talking in front of a computer. Good to know, you can stay healthy and active even while working at the office.

It’s time to throw off any thought of spending hours in a gym for a workout or at the park for running. When you don’t have so much time for a workout because you juggle work and quality time with the family, why not perform exercise routines inside your office? To provide further information, this infographic from IBEX PH gives you 20 of the best desk exercises that will help you stay fit and healthy.

Note: While the risk of injury and accident with these exercises is low, it’s still important to be careful in doing the routines. Only use sturdy and strong chair and desk. Lock the wheel of your chair to avoid unexpected movement and wear comfortable clothing.


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