How To Make An Infographic Go Viral

Every infographic in the world deserves to go viral. With all the hard work that goes into the making of an infographic, it is likely that the outcome would be great. Why should you be hiding this gem away from the world? Show it to them and see how they react. A lot of people instantly connect ‘viral’ with ‘infographic’.

However, nobody bothers to tell you about the ways in which you can be making the post go viral on the internet. If you are one of those who have been puzzled by the same, we present a few ways in which you can easily be making your infographic go viral.

Simply create an infographic, upload it on some of the infographic sites and then get ready for some high-end promotions.

  • Create a social media release– a social media release is a very unique form of lead generation. You can get instant Responses on your communication and also check out the performance in real time. Write a short and crisp lead headline followed by a sub-headline. Now, just write an overview line, the body of the release, a few facts, and bullets, some points about the company and some multimedia or web links to your other identities on the internet. This would be really helpful in making sure that you get targeted traffic. Many infographics sites would also allow you to do the same.
  • Get a social media plan– consolidate all your online social media identities at one place and then decide the strategy that you would be following. After the social media release has been published, you can go on tweeting and reposting about your infographic on different social networks and make sure that people listen to you. Don’t forget to make the infographic embeddable. Schedule a roll out of posts on different social media networks and make sure that your audience listen to what you have to say. Find out the time when your audience are the most active and post at that time.
  • Visit good infographics sites– in order to make sure that your infographic doesn’t get lost in the storm of social media tweets, make sure that you visit some good infographics sites and share your creations with the people on these networks. The promotion would be more intensive in this case. Moreover, the sites would also be offering you great SEO benefits as well. The whole community can work together to take your infographic forward.