Giant Panda Fun Facts


Do you love pandas? So do we! And that’s why we specifically designed this infographic for all the panda lovers out there. In this inforgraphic, we are introducing 5 most intriguing giant panda facts. For example, have you ever wondered why these un-bear-ably cute creatures are called pandas? Don’t worry …

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How to care for your New Dog


When you plan on adopting a furry pal, you are most certainly making one of the best decisions ever. Truly, the thought of opting to bring a furry buddy into your home will truly enhance and boost your overall life. Sure, when you decide to adopt a canine or a …

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Tick Paralysis in Dogs and Cats


Fast heart rhythm and rate, weakness particularly in the hind limbs, paresis or partial loss of pets muscle movement, and eventual paralysis, are few of tick paralysis symptoms. Do not let your pet suffer from this debilitating illness. Protect them through learning all the symptoms, treatment, and preventive measures. Gordon …

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Treat and Trick: How to Teach Your Cat


When you start teaching your cat, don’t expect miracles. But definitely expect a lot of fun time with your little friend. Make it fun for both of you! This way the least you get at the end of the day is a bunch of positive emotions and lots of purrs. …

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