10 Essential Health Tips for Seniors

There are a few ways aging adults can lead healthier lives and stave off a number of diseases.

1. Quit Smoking
By giving up cigarettes, seniors can increase their lifespan.

2. Stay Active
Seniors should exercise or engage in other physical activities on a daily basis.

3. Eat Healthy Foods
Switching to healthier foods helps seniors prevent diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure.

4. Maintain Healthy Weight
Seniors should keep their body mass index within the normal range.

5. Prevent Falls
De-clutter home, remove electrical cords, and take other steps to prevent falls.

6. Keep Up with Immunization
Senior men and women should get vaccinated against flu and other diseases.

7. Prevent Skin Cancer
Avoid excessive exposure to UV rays. Wear sunblock when going out.

8. Keep Up with Appointments
Make sure never to skip medical or dental appointments.

9. Manage Stress
Consider meditation and other relaxing techniques.

10. Keep the Romance Alive
Don’t let age affect intimacy!


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