Lessons From Coronavirus How to Maintain your Health

Lessons From Coronavirus How to Maintain your Health

The COVID-19 pandemic has made a significant impact on the modern lifestyle of Filipinos. Ever since the first group of infected patients was reported in Wuhan China, the virus has been widely renowned as a global threat that brought the world into a sudden halt. Many businesses were forced to …

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7 Easy Health and Fitness Tips For Business Travellers


City workers have a hard time trying to keep themselves healthy mentally and physically thanks to their workload, and it’s bound to be tougher for business travellers. Business travellers have to go to different places, including unfamiliar ones, during their work, which can damage their health. Business travellers will first …

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Health & Safety at Work: How to Stay Safe


There is a lot to consider when you go into work every day. From checking through your tasks for the day and making sure that you’re meeting tight deadlines, to ensuring that everyone on your team is on track and up to date with everything, you have so much to …

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12 Foods to Keep Off Your Plate for Skin Health


Are you eating the right food for skin health? For the longest time, you have been very much aware that the foods you eat have a tremendous impact on your body. And for now, you must have already identified the ones that are nutritious from the ones that are not. …

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10 Essential Health Tips for Seniors


There are a few ways aging adults can lead healthier lives and stave off a number of diseases. 1. Quit Smoking By giving up cigarettes, seniors can increase their lifespan. 2. Stay Active Seniors should exercise or engage in other physical activities on a daily basis. 3. Eat Healthy Foods …

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Surprising Stats on Dietary Health


By gaining insights on the impact of small changes to your lifestyle, you can see the full range of dietary health options available. It can often seem exceptionally difficult to make a lasting change to your diet. But in this latest post, Physiomed explains how small changes can make a …

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10 Superfoods for Exceptional Health (2017)


Nature has provided us with the best source of essential nutrients that our body needs – the Superfoods. They are natural, mostly organic food products that are so packed with very high levels of nutrients; a little goes a long way. Green superfoods are believed to cleanse, alkalize, and energize …

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Mental Health in America


Have you ever asked yourself “What’s the state of mental health in America?” In 2014, around 43.6 million Americans over the age of 18 experienced some level of mental health problem. Within that demographic, 33.7 million were categorized as having any mental illness or AMI, whereas 9.8 million had a …

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The Benefits of The Incredible Food for Your Hair- Amla

Amla or Indian gooseberry has many wonderful benefits. This all-rounder medicine is not only used in the Indian Ayurvedic system, but now it is also recommended by doctors and health care experts because of its multipurpose benefits. It was considered almost as the immortality fruit in ancient India because of …

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Keeping Your Teeth Safe


The value of our dental health is often greatly overlooked. It seems like people are constantly counting calories and worrying about how much fat or sodium food has, but how often do you stop to consider how foods and drinks are affecting your teeth? The effect may be greater than …

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Why and Where People Live Longer

median age

It’s a fact that in certain areas people live longer. For centuries it has been know that Asia has the longest living inhabitants. The question is not only about where, it’s more often ‘why?’ Why in some countries people historically live longer than in other parts of the world. Well, …

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Treat Yourself within 100 Calories: 50 Healthy Snacks and Smoothies


Snacking could be both healthy and unhealthy. It all depends on you! There is an opinion that healthy snacks are not tasty, thus not as popular as others. Well, this is not quite so. In reality, the variety of healthy and tasty snacks is amazing. Every person can find many …

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