Mental Health in America

Have you ever asked yourself “What’s the state of mental health in America?” In 2014, around 43.6 million Americans over the age of 18 experienced some level of mental health problem. Within that demographic, 33.7 million were categorized as having any mental illness or AMI, whereas 9.8 million had a serious mental illness or SMI. Continuing on from that, studies indicate that about 47.4% of Americans will experience some sort of mental health problem during their lives.

With all of that being said, the U.S Mental Health System is in dire need of a makeover, especially since the United States is experiencing a shortage of mental health workers in the field.

This infographic discusses the statistics related to mental health, the most common challenges related to mental health, as well as treatment, and the work force situation. Some of the data that’s presented to you might be a real eye opener to what we face as a nation!


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