Why design and submit infographics?

Infographics can be expensive and difficult to design. Successfully illustrating a lot of often complex data, while keeping the statistics in context and making the design visually appealing, is no easy task.

So why bother to design and submit infographics? There are many reasons, but let’s start with the basics. You want the world, or at least a part of it (your market) to become aware of the products or services your business offers. Traditionally you may have written an advertisement or article explaining what you do and what makes you unique – and this serves a purpose, but how often do people read the whole of an advertisement? Furthermore, how often do people share advertisements with their friends? Rarely, very rarely indeed.

Also, let’s say the business you’re in can’t be explained in a couple of catchy sentences; you’re offering sophisticated services to your customers, and there are some really important, albeit very subtle differences which set you apart. Just how could you communicate this? Submit infographics and you will find the answer!

A well designed infographic has the unique ability to cut through dry, complex information without losing the integrity of the message. Infographics can make boring data seem fun. What’s more, infographics can make it easier for people outside of you business to understand what you do.

When you submit infographics, you are opening the door to your business in a way which has broad appeal, yet doesn’t dumb-down your business values. By submitting an infographic, you are in fact showing that, although often complex and sophisticated, your business – like all businesses should be – is about people communicating with people.

You may notice some surprising results when you submit infographics – people actually read them! Your infographic may even attract readers outside of your core audience. What’s the point of that? It’s called ‘reach’ and on the internet reach is a very important part of getting the word out about your business. The more people see it, the more people share it, and the viral effect continues, increasing your chances of catching some potential customers. The term for this is ‘inbound marketing’ and when you submit infographics, you are launching your own inbound marketing campaign!

Come back next week for more about the process of infographic design, and some more amazing effects you could see when you submit infographics.