12 Advantages of Revolvers Over Semi-Auto Pistols

An infographic detailing the advantages of those supposedly archaic six-shooters over the glamorous, modern (but, let’s face it, wimpy) semi-auto pistol. Twelve advantages are shown and detailed. Some folks already should know some of these (a revolver can handle way more powerful bullets than a semi-auto) but, with some others, others, people might not (revolvers are amazing at curing trigger flinch).

Additional items that are gone over are the revolver’s simplicity of use, more varied ammo, far better reliability (real-world reliability, not theoretical, tactical Youtuber “reliability”), improved accuracy, increased safety, better longevity, and even ease of use for reloading purposes (reloading brass, not reloading bullets in your gun).

Once you’ve seen all these advantages, you might get a sense of the untapped and overlooked aspects of the traditional wheelgun and how, far from being obsolete, it might make sense as your primary self-defense gun of choice.

And this is not even mentioning all the advantages it will have in other purposes like handgun hunting that are especially well-suited for the revolver. All these will be highlighted by this infographic.


Infographic Source: https://www.reloaderaddict.com/why-revolvers-still-rule/

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