The Advantages of Subscription Models


In the modern age of technology, consumers have plenty of choices when purchasing a product. There is the traditional route of physically buying it at a store, purchasing it online, or purchasing it via a subscription service. With over 225 …

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Why Skilled Freelancing Is The Future And Its Advantages


Despite the adverse economic conditions last year, skilled freelancers are an economic force. Good for the economy Skilled independent workers are estimated to have earned $234 billion in revenue in 2020, up from nearly $229 billion in 2018, the latest …

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12 Advantages of Revolvers Over Semi-Auto Pistols


An infographic detailing the advantages of those supposedly archaic six-shooters over the glamorous, modern (but, let’s face it, wimpy) semi-auto pistol. Twelve advantages are shown and detailed. Some folks already should know some of these (a revolver can handle way …

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