10 Ways to Motivate Your Students

Keeping your students on track can be quite the challenge, ask any educator and with today’s ever growing list of distractions; Snapchat, Pinterest, PhotoBucket, etc. it’s even harder than before! Today’s students are going a mile a minute show no signs of slowing down. Classrooms are becoming super sized, and with more tech gadgets than ever before, what are we to do? It’s not like people aren’t having babies either..our population is growing and shows no signs of slowing down! With all of these factors on the drawing board, how can an educator reign in these students and get them to focus and keep their eyes on the prize? Knowledge IS power! Listed below is an infographic that details 10 fun and easy ways to reach your students in the classroom!

  1. Encourage communication
  2. Establish a relationship & high expectations
  3. Set objectives
  4. Make it applicable to real life
  5. Use cooperative learning
  6. Utilize peer instruction
  7. Change your teaching style for different learning styles
  8. Ditch the bubble tests
  9. Try “Deliberative Practice”
  10. Try a “Flipped Classroom”

Dive into this infographic as it goes into these 10 tips and hopefully in the future, your students put down their instagram and keep learning!


Infographic Source: https://findyourcontext.education/blog/infographic/10-ways-to-motivate-students-infographic/

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