Why is Lithium in Such Global Demand?


Lithium is a hot new mineral on the scene – many even refer to it as white gold. Can you blame them when it powers Lithium-Ion batteries and makes powering electric vehicles possible? Chile has the largest lithium reserves, while Australia has the largest lithium production at the current time. …

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Company Register Process

Company Formation Jurisdiction Process

To register a company in a jurisdiction, typically need to follow a set of procedures and fulfill certain requirements. In this infographic  from SFM Corporate Services outlined some of the steps involved in registering a company most easy. Sign Up – Complete the online application form Pay Fees: Submit the …

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Thrive Market by the Numbers March 2023

Thrive Market by the Numbers March 2023

Our team is currently in the midst of an extended review of Thrive Market’s digital shelf, and we’ve noted some interesting developments. For example, Thrive has been steadily expanding its White Label products, while also increasing its offerings under the “Thrive Market” brand. Rosey, by Thrive Market, has remained consistent …

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The Power of a Corporate Giving in Your Business

Choosing the right gifts

Many companies institute corporate gifting to their clients to help build connections and foster new growth with them. Gifts are a powerful tool for this purpose as clients will remember your name far longer if given a gift. Many CEOs believe that gifting provides a measurable and positive return on …

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The Supplement Business Boom


A majority of consumers worldwide take vitamins and supplements on a daily basis. In the US, at least 70% of every demographic takes daily supplements. The most common type is vitamins, followed by specialty supplements. What is fostering supplement industry growth? Thanks to the pandemic, the world’s death rate has …

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How Businesses Can Utilize Facial Recognition For Time Tracking

facial recognition time tracking solutions

When you’re a brick and mortar small business owner or feel totally comfortable to have a remote workforce, every moment counts. It is difficult to burden staff with inefficient time tracking solutions or punch cards that will take them away from serving customers. That’s why modern technologies have evolved into …

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How Many Mobile Phones Are Sold Each Year


SellCell.com, a phone trade-in platform has conducted some research to pull together extensive data highlighting how many mobile phones are sold each year. The data highlighted in the infographic breaks down how many phones are sold each year by country and also by manufacturer. The data shows the rise in …

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Inflation is Rising: Gold Stays on Top

Inflation is Rising

Did you know that in times of sharp inflation increases, many investors often turn to gold? In the 2008-2012 recession, investors poured their money into gold and its value increased, and now it is looking like history may repeat itself. In 2022, inflation rose 9.1%, the fastest pace the United …

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College’s Fearful Fate: Is Your College Closing?


20 years ago colleges fit perfectly between being a productive means to moving up in society and being an affordable option for many (although certainly not all). Today, it seems that colleges and universities are beginning to fail at both of these purposes. Inflation is certainly no surprise to see …

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How to Run a Corporate Event

Successfull Corporate Event Dos and Donts

Have you got to plan your own corporate event? If you need inspiration, use the following infographic to create a pitch-perfect event, every time. Here are the do’s and Don’ts of corporate event planning. Corporate Event Planning Explained As you can see from the infographic, there are things that can …

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Product Packaging Guide: Everything Your Business Should Know


For many businesses, selling products would be impossible without considering their packaging. Product packaging is both the product’s container and its overall decorative design. Packaging protects it from external elements that can compromise or damage it during shipping and handling. Packaging design works to grab attention and provide information about …

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