Fundamentals of the Portfolio Kanban Method


With the help of Kanban, you can visualize your process and the assignment of your team. For this purpose, the method uses a Kanban board (whiteboard) divided by columns for …

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Uber, A Startup Starting Trouble


Uber started in 2009 as a small startup with just 2 employees. Now it is the worlds largest startup valued at over 70 billion dollars. Its exponential growth rates have …

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5 Tips for Truckers to Get Paid Faster

Accounts Receivable Management for Trucking

Trucking and truck drivers are an important part of modern American culture and how many of us receive the good we purchase in our day to day keeping truckers …

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8 Lighting Ideas to Uplift Your Event


One of the most essential parts that needs thorough planning is EVENT LIGHTING. Event planners take this seriously because it means more than just illuminating the venue — the quality …

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Billion Dollar Companies That Started in Garage


Have you thought about building your company in someone’s garage? In someone’s shabby and rickety garage? The mammoth like companies like Amazon, Apple, Google, Disney and others just did so! …

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