How To Rent PO Box

Renting a PO Box is a better alternative to having your mail delivered to your mailbox. It guarantees your mail’s and packages safety, protects your home address, and reassures faster delivery since USPS deliver to the Post Office first. Registering for one has never been as easy before. USPS has over 49 Post Offices nationwide to choose from. Pick a location that you can easily go to and pick up your mail.

Next, you’ll have to pick your PO Box size. When choosing a size, you need to consider the amount of mail you receive monthly and how frequent you pick up your mail. The smallest size holds 10 – 15 letters while the largest one holds flat rate boxes and packages.

If you don’t plan on regularly checking your mail, you should get a bigger size so your PO Box won’t overflow. The price of a PO Box depends on the size and rental period. This can be three months, 6 months, or a year. You can rent your PO Box at your chosen Post Office or at the USPS website online. Either way, you’ll need to present two forms of ID and will be required to fill in USPS 1585 form.

Now for the final step, head down to your Post Office and get your keys! Now that your PO Box is set, you can apply for a change of address online or at the Post Office and have your mail delivered to your PO Box instead.


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