12 Signs That You Have an Overtired Baby


Are you having trouble getting your newborn to fall asleep? Don’t fret as most parents acknowledge that taking care of a baby isn’t an easy feat to do. But if you do find your baby’s sleep issue worsening, you might be handling an overtired baby. Your baby can become overtired …

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Press Play, The dangerous of technology to your kids


The internet has been a huge influence on how technology has advanced over the last few years. Machines and electronic gizmos are now built around the technology, with smart devices being the most common consumer gadget out there. And with the conveniences and the entertainment factor they bring, even the …

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Learn Through Play; 7 Skills You Can Teach Through Fun Activities


We often hear the term “adulting,” but, in reality, essential life skills should be taught as early as childhood. As parents, one of your responsibilities is being your child’s first teacher. You should see to it that not only do they know what and what not to do, but also …

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Centuries Old, Live on the Pages of Books: The Mythical Creatures of Nature


The infographic lists 15 creatures that appear to be main characters in nature related myths. Stories about them go centuries back. Some of them lost their popularity over the years. Other, on the opposite, became even more popular through different cultures. The Green Man, coming from Pagan myths, seems to …

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