About LoveInfographics.com

We’re a team of skilled internet marketers who have come together to help people grow their businesses using infographics.

We have all worked for and owned digital agencies, across a range of specialisms including graphic design, email marketing, social media, ecommerce, inbound marketing… the list goes on.

Our passion for creative data visualisation stems from our backgrounds in graphic design, web design, digital marketing and branding. We love the way a picture can paint a thousand words (and even more numbers!) and the elegant, creative ways to communicate data effectively.

What’s this site all about?

The huge potential of infographics not only tell a story but to generate traffic, sales and leads is what has made them so popular today. The drawback is that using an infographic for effective inbound marketing can be a time-consuming task, which is why we built this service, to enable businesses of all sizes to quickly and cheaply promote infographics, picking the options that suit their needs.

We’re not like other infographic submission sites, we provide a range of simple, affordable ways to get your infographic in front of a large audience and kick-start social sharing and traffic generation. We’ve made it really easy to do and our pricing makes promoting infographics a no-brainer for small and large business alike.

To find our more about using your infographic to grow your business, take a look here.

A Resource For Researchers

Free basic publication of infographics is allowed on this site, making it one of the leading collections of infographics in the world.

Having such a huge library of visual information is invaluable to business users in every industry. Presenting detailed information to clients is made easier by using visual cues instead of long reports and sheets of numbers. Everyone from office juniors to the ‘C-suite’ can understand and digest the information on a well designed infographic.

When you’re pushed for time, you don’t have to scour the internet looking for a suitable graphic. Infographics on every topic imaginable are now all in one place, organised logically, giving you license to submit, share and download freely.

Want to get involved?

We welcome your infographic submissions. Simply head over to our infographic submission page where you can add your infographic and start promoting it to the world!

Thanks, enjoy the site.

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