The Benefits of The Incredible Food for Your Hair- Amla

amla-for-thicker-hairsAmla or Indian gooseberry has many wonderful benefits. This all-rounder medicine is not only used in the Indian Ayurvedic system, but now it is also recommended by doctors and health care experts because of its multipurpose benefits. It was considered almost as the immortality fruit in ancient India because of its tremendous benefits for our body. It not only keeps away various diseases and other problems of the body, but also improves our immunity system.

When it comes to having a gorgeous mane, every woman dreams of having parlour finished hair without even going to the salon all the time. Amla helps in achieving this goal of millions of women just by consuming it every day. It can also be applied to the hair in various forms to get those lustrous locks that will make any women look like she is just going to step into the carpet. This traditional medicine for hair works wonderfully on every kind of hair. Take a look at all the amazing benefits amla provides for hair.

  • Amla shampoo can help in combatting dandruff problems. It helps in reducing dandruff and especially works well when mixed with tulsi leaves. You can also use amla powder (available in markets) and mix it up with crushed tulsi leaves and coconut oil for getting the most out of amla. It is antibacterial that is why it keeps dandruff at bay.
  • Amla when mixed with shikakai powder is applied to the hair, makes for an excellent conditioner, and revitalizes dry and dull hair.
  • If you are suffering from hair growth problems and wants to flaunt long, silky hair, then do eat amla fruits every day or drink amla juice for a few months and get long and lustrous hair.
  • This powerhouse of nutrients also helps in preventing split ends and hair fall. When taken regularly it works wonder for your hair.
  • Amla is not only the storehouse of vitamin C, but it also contains various kinds of antioxidants that help in the prevention premature greying of hair. For the prevention of early greying of hair do massage your scalp regularly with amla oil mixed with coconut and olive oil. Even hair dyes contain amla for this reason.
  • It strengthens the root of the hair and which in turn helps in the decrease in hair fall that is very necessary for healthy hair.
  • It is also excellent form removing dirt and oil form your hair and scalp without stripping away the essential oils produced by our scalp. It safely removes the dirt and conditions the hair the process. It helps you in flaunting those gorgeous locks when used regularly in any kind of hair care product.
  • When mixed with henna, this pack can give you the best natural coloring of your hair without any side-effects and, which in turn will help in the growth of your hair. This natural pack also helps in the dandruff removal process while deep condition your hair.

Amla is the most amazing fruit mankind ever discovered that serves as the heavenly nectar for hair. Incorporate amla in your daily diet; buy amla juice online or from the farmer’s market and drink it daily.

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