Benefits of Lumineo Light Therapy

Benefits of Lumineo Colour Therapy

You probably heard that blue light is bad for sleep. You’ve probably also noticed how a bright sunny day can lift your spirits. Different wavelengths of light which appear as different colours from the light spectrum each have their own effects on our bodies. Lumineo therapy uses these lights for …

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Top 8 Benefits of Whole Body Vibration


Exercising is for everybody. The plight for achieving a better body and living a healthier lifestyle isn’t exclusive to certain kinds of people. As long as you’re able, you can still promote some better fitness. However, there may be instances upon which it’s more difficult to do the usual workouts. …

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The Benefits of Duck down Comforters


It is a safe bet that you have never observed a goose stressing about the cold! Other poultry are prepared with down, dense blow that develops on their undersides. This keeps them heated and guarded, even in the very coldest water. Goose down is extremely insulation, while still light and …

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