8 Lesser Known Benefits of SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators)

Many users have been interested in SARMs lately, but not many people are aware of the plethora of benefits which they can often give us.

Some studies, for example, have shown that SARMs present an “unprecedented opportunity” for users to build muscle and lose fat, without any of the conventional side effects of steroids.

Other studies have shown us that a specific SARM, known as Ostarine (or MK-2866), has incredible benefits when it comes to building muscle, losing fat, and gaining strength.

Even more interesting, is how another SARM known as RAD 140 (or Testolone) can even help prevent Alzheimer’s disease in some users!

SARMs certainly require more research to be done on the longer term effects, but all of the preliminary research shows us that they are not only very safe, but highly effective, as well.


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