Tick Paralysis in Dogs and Cats

Fast heart rhythm and rate, weakness particularly in the hind limbs, paresis or partial loss of pets muscle movement, and eventual paralysis, are few of tick paralysis symptoms. Do not let your pet suffer from this debilitating illness. Protect them through learning all the symptoms, treatment, and preventive measures.

Gordon Vet Hospital provides a comprehensive guide specially made for pet parents looking for tick paralysis related information but lack sufficient time to make extensive research. Everything is simplified to make the guide easier and faster to understand. Important information you need to know is already embedded here- from the tick prevention tips, signs of tick poisoning, what to do once you find tick on a dog or cat. The vets ensures its comprehensive yet brief.

The issue of tick paralysis should not be overlooked. Although relevant treatment is available, roughly five percent of pets affected by ticks fail to survive. Knowledge is power. Awareness is the key. Prevention is better than cure. Let your pets live a longer life through educating yourself.tick-paralysis-dogs-cats

Infographic Source: http://gordonvet.com.au/tick-paralysis-in-dogs-and-cats-infographic/

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