Driving Test Tips: 5 Common Mistakes When You Start Driving

A driving test is not an easy one, and if you want to pass it, you should be aware of some common mistakes that frequently prevent applicants from getting their driving licenses. They are quite obvious and somewhat silly, nevertheless, are worth of paying attention to before scheduling the driving test.

Do you know that ineffective observation, lack of accuracy, and general forgetfulness may lead a test-taker to failure? While driving, don’t forget to regularly check your rear view and side mirrors to know where other vehicles are in relation to your car and prevent dangerous situations on the road.

Besides, ignoring traffic lights, stop signs, or road markings, poor road position, slow driving or, visa versa, excessive speed, as well as, mounting the curb – all these may have a negative influence on the results of your driving test. So, keep all these in mind, and you will pass your test on the first attempt.


Infographic Source: http://driver-start.com/blog/driving_test_tips_5_common_mistakes_when_you_start_driving

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