28 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About WordPress

When it comes to fast, efficient and user-friendly content management systems WordPress takes the cake as the most popular open source software on the market. Due to its high customizability and responsiveness, WordPress has quickly become a household name among website owners from different fields. Today, WordPress reigns over the content management system market with 59.3% of market share powering over 17 million websites.

WordPress owes its popularity to its easy to use interface and its wide variety of free themes and plugins. The popular software currently offers 46,291 free plugins and 4,081 free themes. Web designers working in industries of all types rely on WordPress and a number of the world’s leading companies use this popular content management system tool. As a result, approximately 69.8 million new posts are written in WordPress every month and more than 542 million words are written in WordPress blogs every single day.

Regardless of its market success and  popularity among users, WordPress has been known to be an easy target for cyber attacks. Five years ago WordPress suffered its worst attack when as many as 18 million WordPress users were compromised. In 2014 over 162,000 sites using WordPress were used to launch a Distributed Denial of Service attack, and in 2016 WordPress was recently  implicated in the Panama Papers Breach. The notorious Panama Papers Breach resulted in a leak of 2.6TB of data and 11.5 million confidential documents.

Despite several security breaches in the past, the popularity of WordPress doesn’t appear to be waning. This is evidenced by the fact that the latest version of the popular content management system tool WordPress 4.6 has been downloaded over 3.8 million time in a span of just a few months. In July 2013, page views across WordPress blogs numbered 11.2 billion and three years later that number reached  22.2 billion page views.

You can learn more about WordPress from this compelling infographic that includes 28 surprising facts about the most famous content management system in the world.


Infographic Source: https://skilled.co/resources/28-facts-probably-dont-know-wordpress-infographic/

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