5 Sharing Economy Business Ideas in 2020

Here are the, Top 5 sharing economy business ideas to build a profitable business in 2020.

  • Vacation Rental
  • Car Rental
  • Equipment Rental
  • Event Venue Sharing
  • Camp Space Sharing

Vacation Rental Business:

Vacation rental business is one of the best ways to earn passive income. More than a million people prefer short term rental and others prefer long term rental. But the best part is short term rental – earn money in a short period of time and more users prefer this short term rental.

If you have a single room in a home you can rent it to other users who looking to rent for day/nights.

Car Rental Business:

You can rent your car for the short or long term depends upon the user’s needs. This business has a high peak on weekends, users love to rent a car and travel to the beautiful places.

They can rent a car whenever they need based upon their hourly charges.

Equipment Rental Business:

If you have your own equipment in your house but that is not needed now. You can rent to others who looking to rent equipment for construction or other works. Equipment can be rented hourly or daily basis.

Event Venue Sharing Business:

One of the best rental businesses in the US. You can rent your own spaces to the one who looking to rent and have an event, parties and get together. Space can be charged an hourly basis.

Camp Sharing Business:

More people love to explore or travel to new cities, countries even more. They can save money by renting other camp space to some spend time. Camp sharing is one of the upcoming and trending businesses all over the area.

To know more, have a look at our statistics in the infographic below:


Infographic Source: https://www.rentallscript.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/5-Sharing-Economy-Ideas-to-Build-a-Profitable-Business0A.jpg

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