6 Key Trends and Statistics to Drive Your Recruitment Strategies

The labor market is competitive now, more than ever, and having a clear and consistent hiring strategy can help ensure that you can attract highly qualified candidates. For example, it’s common for companies nowadays to conduct personality and technology aptitude tests during the recruitment process to find out if a candidate has the so-called culture fit, as well as the right set of skills to get the job done. If you’re not sure as to what goes into setting up your recruitment program, you may find the recruitment process outsourcing a viable step to take.

This strategy involves working with third-party HR experts to help you develop your hiring strategy, including making plans on how to attract passive candidates or how to integrate an applicant tracking software into your system. Your recruitment partner will also work at building and promoting your employer brand since this is one of the things that job seekers consider when choosing which company to work with.

Take note of the top trends and statistics in this infographic to help you see the overall picture of what’s happening in the recruitment space. With these insights, you can better align your recruitment strategies and start building a pool of topnotch and well-engaged talent.

6 Key Trends and Statistics to Drive Your Recruitment Strategies

Infographic Source: https://www.superstaff.com/blog/6-key-trends-and-statistics-to-drive-your-recruitment-strategies/

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