7 Interesting Employment Tribunal Statistics For 2018

The latest statistics from the UK Ministry of Justice (MOJ) for January to March 2018 provide an interesting picture of the impact of the fees refund scheme. Since the start of the scheme already 7773 applications for the fee refunds have been accepted. Out of the refunds that have been made 83% relate to England, 14% to Scotland and 3% to Wales. The fee refund scheme is a result of the Supreme Court ruling that charging Employment Tribunal fees was unlawful and discriminatory.

Fee refunds are not the only interesting statistics from the report. Single claims are up 118% compared to the same quarter last year. Of the disposed of by the Tribunal 27% were ACAS Conciliation Settlements, 17% were withdrawn, 16% were dismissed upon withdrawal, 14% were struck out before hearing and 10% were successful at hearing. Take a look at the infographic below to see these, and other important statistics, from the MOJ’s latest report.



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