Getting know about e-learning concepts

Elearning in today’s technical world is considered to be among the most popular of all available learning environments. This modern technology does ensure that people are able to learn at their own comfort, anywhere, anytime and in any environment. Elearning means “electronic learning”. Any person can learn easily using personal computers, internet, multimedia or CD ROMs.

e-learning concepts

Things to know

There are plenty of k-12 learning solutions to be availed. However, the fact is that majority of the people are still unaware of what elearning is all about and how it can benefit them personally or as group. Even entrepreneurs are noticed to be confused about the same. Elearning according to the industry experts is considered to be a wonderful non-linear process. Here, learners are able to determine on their own as to what, when and how they can access valuable information. This definitely sounds great.

Tips to better understand elearning concept

There are indeed some fabulous tips which when followed can help the person to understand more about the elearning concept.

  • Controllable: The very best non-linear process is regarded to be elearning, where users are able to determine, how, what and when information can be accessed. Interaction with media, course content, presentation, course sequence and timing are quite user friendly. It effectively means that reflections and applications are completely learner controlled.
  • Reusability: Combination of objects taken from the different media content can be easily assembled. Also, they can be used dynamically for different environments and functional needs through elearning. Hence, online universities and colleges are able to offer different types of online programs to their prospective students. This is done by focusing upon the reusability factor.
  • Multifarious process: It is not just occasional scheduled training that the learning method depends upon. Rather, it is stated t be a multifaceted process. It can be customized, personalized and transformed, which again depends upon the environmental variables and learner’s response. On users’ demand, the format of online distance education can be availed n time and enjoyed.
  • Informal: Although they are seen to be amazing, there is no need to have a particular class room to conduct this easy and convenient learning method. Around 70% of all learning is performed in meetings, break rooms and corridors, as well as the living room. The online program does offer a fabulous chance for the individual to have his career education advanced, even though he is engaged full time with any organization. This means, he can attend his office and school without affecting anyone in any manner and enjoy enhanced and satisfactory results.
  • Knowledge Management: Developing, distributing and collecting information has become much easier by using the different available flexible tools on learners’ demand. Now, individual groups can be organized effortlessly using these tools, to share similar interests from any part of the world. This can be stated to be a multichannel process to help one learner to pass on the knowledge to the other, without involving any type of hassle.

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