Kitchen Cabinets – Should we Reface, Replace or Paint?

Kitchen cabinets matter in every home, as without them, organizing and storing kitchenware is difficult. House owners don’t want their kitchen to look messy, and that’s the reason why they spend money buying and installing cabinets in their cooking area. Cabinets can also serve as decorations to somebody’s house that visitors may notice when they come to your home. Indeed, it creates a good impression among them such as your house looks neat and new. Yet, kitchen cabinets will eventually look old and tattered in the eyes of people.

Given such circumstances, a homeowner should consider refacing, repainting, or replacing it, and it is not an easy task as various factors should be considered, like the family’s financial budget. Hence, people seek professional help. They reach out to kitchen cabinet Oceanside remodeling firms. As a house owner, if you find yourself over-thinking of remodeling the whole kitchen area because of your cabinet, you can consider refacing as an alternative for it. Refacing saves time and money, as it also eliminates the chances of you buying a new cabinet. Aside from saving 30-50 percent of your budget, refacing also allows you to choose from different designs and colors to customize your kitchen cabinet in style.

You may also connect with professionals to do the work for you. Replacing old cabinet doors and drawer fronts with veneer or wood stain is one of the most basic refacing methods. Contrary to its name, refacing doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to change your cabinet’s skin, and instead, should be understood as a way of improving the surface look. On the other hand, professionals can only reface the kitchen cabinet if it is still in good condition. But, if it had heavy damages or sustained rusting, this is the perfect time to buy a new and good-looking cabinet and replace the old one.

Be sure to hire an experienced installer to do the installation and avoid circumstances that cost extra money. Lastly, painting old kitchen cabinets is a trend nowadays. It is popular among house owners, as they can do the method by themselves to save 60-70 percent investment than remodeling the cooking area or buying a new one. However, painting is a risky option for those who lack the skills to perform it.

For instance, one must understand the critical part of surface preparation to assure the paint will adhere to the cabinet’s skin. Thus, people may consider tapping an expert interior painter. For more information, check this infographic by Kitchen Cabinet Refacing.

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