TIps On What To Do About Stryker Hip Replacement Happened

In the year 2012, Stryker issues have been a recall for rejuvenating the modular hip system and ABG II modular-neck hip stems. This infographic, created by the partners at Wocl Leydon LLC, looks at the impact of unexpected complications due to hip replacement surgeries. These complications have been caused by hip replacement materials made by Stryker. In 2010, Stryker issued a voluntary recall for their Rejuvenate Modular Hip System and ABG 11 Modular-Neck Hip Stems.

These items had been used in many hip replacement surgeries and were causing patents many unexpected issues. Patients with Stryker hip implants suffered many problems, such as allergic reactions to the metal, thickening of the blood, nausea from high red blood cell count, metallosis, painful recovery after revision surgeries, and fractures during implant removal.

Many patients filed lawsuits against Stryker, due to the unnecessary pain and suffering caused by their products. If you have been impacted by faulty Stryker products, this infographic explains how you can learn more about possibly seeking compensation for your suffering without any worries.


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