Amazing Paint Colours for Your Brick Exterior Walls

There are different types of bricks and they also have different colours. Bricks look amazing in natural tone but what if you want to change the colour of the exterior brick wall? Sometimes repainting bricks can be a hit or miss. If you are looking for the best options then here are some amazing tips for you.

Exteriors Look Stunning With A 3-Colour Combination:

  1. The Main Colour
  2. The Secondary Colour
  3. The Complementing Colour

Three colour combination can create a balance between the primary background colour and any other colour that you want to use. Three colour combination creates a cohesive and magnificent design and makes it more attractive. Primary, secondary and accent colour ration should be 60:30:10 but before you go with your colour combination make sure it looks terrific with your current landscaping.

Make use of your house architecture for perfect colour combination. Consider the colours of a roof, stucco railings etc. Don’t worry you can repaint those objects later.

In a 3- colour combination, secondary colour offers depth to many flat objects. It also helps to highlight the architecture of the house.

While complementing colour also known as an accent colour is typically bolder and more attractive than the others. It need not be loud and intense; it can be a light pastel shade.


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