Are Green Jobs Destroying the Labour Market?

With the rise of green jobs within the labour economy, there are people that consider that CO2 reliant jobs have started becoming outdated. This has created the jobs vs. environment debate which has as main argument the idea that green jobs are creating unemployment due to making more polluting jobs obsolete. This, in turn, it thought to also affect negatively the labour market.

But is it right to view the labour market as necessarily opposing the green jobs movement? Moreover, it is sustainable not to endorse the move toward green jobs, seeing as we need to stall the pollution of the planet in order to maintain our current quality of life?

As such, the team at GreenMatch has created an infographic which tackles this issues. The infographic compiles worldwide and local statistics on the job market, and analyses how current jobs are changing in order to become greener and what the jobs of the of the future will be. Through doing this, a solution to the environment vs. jobs debate can begin to be created.


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