A Look at the Asphalt Recycling Economy

Did you know? Asphalt is the most recycled material on our planet. And it’s a good thing, too, as it is an extremely useful and widely used resource. Everything from roofing shingles to paving roads and a number of other construction related projects and waterproof surfaces.

It is such a highly regarded material for its useful qualities such as its binding capabilities, structural strength, and temperature resistance. All in all, asphalt recovery is a $7.1 billion market, and is a 100% renewable construction resource.Learn more about the interesting world of the asphalt recycling economy in the visual deep dive below, courtesy of SkyQuarry:

Asphalt Recycling Economy

Asphalt Recycling Process

Infographic Source: https://investskyquarry.com/asphalt-recycling-matters-more-than-ever/

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