Basic Facts About Acne

Most people have been through acne, a skin problem that is usually caused by inevitable factors such as sudden changes in hormonal levels and hereditary reasons. Acne is often associated with puberty stage when bodies are developing, leading to fluctuation of hormonal levels. Though adolescents are most prone to acne, they are not only the unlucky ones–even grown-ups can get zits!

Acne might be a common plight among people, but what’s more alarming about acne is that dermis health is not the only thing that this skin dilemma takes its toll on. In 2011, a dermatology study showed that acne can negatively impact self-esteem and quality of life of teens. It can even increase the risk of acquiring psychological disorders. Considering this detrimental side effect of acne on people, there is no question why this skin condition should be a matter of concern.

Because of this, most people with acne dare to try all kinds of products and follow whatever skin care they read or hear–with high hopes that doing so will get rid of their skin problem. Little did they know that it’s their lack of basic knowledge about acne that aggravates their skin condition.

Are you one of those people? Here’s a must-see infographic about basic truths and myths surrounding acne brought to you by SkinCell, best dermatology clinic in manila.Basic Truths about Acne

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