Beauty and Skincare: Facts & Statistics that Will Blow Your Mind

In recent years, the boom of both the beauty and skincare industries has changed the way people approach their self-care routines. Previously, skincare was viewed as a luxury only a few could afford. With the rise of e-commerce, renewed marketing for makeup and skincare, and the development of online communities, anyone can learn about effective skincare and apply the best practices.

Unfortunately, this boom has also brought in a wave of misinformation and myths. While those more knowledgeable can avoid these skincare myths, newcomers may end up with ineffective or even harmful solutions. To ensure you’re getting the right information, it’s essential to do your research.

Some common misconceptions are that all preservatives in skincare products are bad and that having more products in your routine is better. These misconceptions are easy to fall for, as more people want to move towards more green and environmentally-friendly products. The 10- and 15-step skincare routines have also risen in popularity for their supposed effectiveness.

In truth, not all preservatives are harmful, as they help protect the product from bacteria and other microorganisms. Reading the ingredients list and taking note of specific components you want to avoid is a more effective way to prevent adverse reactions. Additionally, rather than applying more products, it’s better to invest in multitasking solutions and ensuring they’re evenly applied across the skin.

Get a headstart in reading up beauty and skincare facts by reading the infographic below.

Beauty and Skincare Facts & Statistics

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