Benefits of Cotton Bags On You And On Environment

When the world wants to get rid of the plastic bag, we need to pick the best eco-friendly option. Paper bags can be a green and eco-friendly option but the number of trees cut down in its manufacturing will also damage our planet. Moreover, the paper bag is extremely fragile and cannot carry a lot of weight. Then comes the cotton bags, which are one of the most convenient alternatives. It is reusable, sustainable, biodegradable, and can carry weight easily.

Cotton is easily available and affordable and therefore it can be the best replacement for the plastic bags. Cotton bags can be used multiple times as they are much sturdier as compared to plastic bags. A plastic bag takes ages to dispose of whereas cotton bags can degrade in less than 4 months. By switching to cotton bags, you can reduce the plastic bags which end up causing 90% landfills.

Cotton bags require less energy in manufacturing as compared to plastic bags. You must switch to cotton bags and reduce the carbon footprint on this planet. With this, you will keep your house and planet clean. Along with this, you will also save 267 different species from being affected by plastic pollution. According to the following infographic, created by Organic Cotton Mart, we all should switch to cotton bags to eliminate plastic waste from our planet.


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