What is the best country to live in for older people?

In a recent article, UK stairlift provider Handicare compared a range of data in order to determine the best country in the world to live in for older people. They examined a range of data that will affect the quality of living in a place, including the average life expectancy, the health care index score, the safety index score, the cost of living, the property prices and the age at which residents start receiving their pension.

The infographic shows the top five performing countries and goes into detail about why each managed to score their prestigious ranking. It also lists the UK and its final position.

The accompanying article, What is the best country to live in for older people, goes into even more detail about the rankings. It discusses the top and bottom ranking countries overall and also looks at which countries performed best in each of the categories.


Infographic Source: https://www.ageukmobility.co.uk/mobility-news/article/what-is-the-best-country-to-live-for-older-people

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