Figuring Out the Best Loyalty Apps for Consumers

In trying to understand what makes a loyalty app successful, it’s useful to look at some of the most popular apps. Of course, popularity in use does not always equate to quality. Instead, this article will list the most well reviewed Google Play apps by category.

Starting with restaurant apps, Domino’s tops the charts with a 4.75. The issue with any food app is getting people to use the app over typical delivery or DoorDash. The Domino’s app solves this issue by offering massive coupons and perks. Other popular apps like McDonald’s and Chipotle borrow this system as well.

Moving onto travel apps, Fly Delta tops the charts with a 4.8. Airlines are always in hot contention for being the best and most popular. Delta’s app gives it an edge by being transparent and easy to use. Issues with a boarding pass, delay, or other updates can lead to a missed flight. Top airline apps make sure to have very active and accurate updates.

Finally moving onto shopping apps, Sam’s Club tops the charts with a 4.9. The unique perk of this app is one key feature it offers, Scan and Go. Only through using the app, customers can simply scan and pay for their products as they go. This is a massive time saver and can make the shopping process much easier.

These three apps all do something special or do what already works, but do it better than the rest. Of course, after a certain point the app worth using is up to preference. Although it goes to prove a point, apps should be working for the consumer. Make sure to look for perks, question when the app doesn’t work, and make use of all features.

Best Loyalty Apps for Consumers

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