Best Times To Visit Hawaii

For many people, Hawaii is one of the dream destinations with its distinctive culture, immaculate landscapes, clean beaches, delicious meals, among many others. If you want to get the best experience, knowing when is the perfect time to visit is essential, especially when you consider travel restrictions during the pandemic.

Low Prices The cheapest flights are typically available around January and September, and the hotels are the cheapest during the fall. However, winter is not the best time to visit the islands if you have a tight budget, as flights and accommodation prices typically rise as mainlanders flee from the cold weather. Weather As a tropical island, rainfall is common, especially from November to April.

At this time, rain comes and goes, which makes it difficult to bask in the sun. Visiting Hawaii from May to October is a great option if you want to enjoy the sun to the fullest while you take a vacation. You can also visit Hawaii during the summer, where you can do more activities Oahu on your vacation.

For surfing Surfing is an enjoyable activity you can do on Hawaii’s countless beaches. If you are in for a thrilling surfing experience, you can visit Hawaii during the wintertime, where many expert surfers enjoy the thrill of larger waves on the north-facing shores of the island.

Whale Watching Hawaii is also the perfect place to visit, especially from November to May if you want to go whale watching. During this time, thousands of North Pacific Humpback Whales grace the waters of Hawaii as they migrate. January to March is also considered the peak months of whale watching season wherein the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration completes their annual whale survey.

Events and Festivals If you want to celebrate events and festivals the Hawaiian way, you can consider visiting the islands from June to September. You can watch hula competitions and enjoy festivities like King Kamehameha Day and Aloha festivals. You can also visit Hawaii during Easter week to witness many hula dancers competing in the Merrie Monarch Festival and enjoy their parades and other fun activities.

Here is an infographic provided by Go Hawaii Tours to learn more about the best times to visit Hawaii.

Best times to visit Hawaii
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