Biggest Property Management Challenges

At the beginning of 2017, Unicom sought out to better understand the challenges facing property management professionals.
Our goal was to survey 100 professionals. We asked them to rate each challenge from “Not Challenging” to “Very Challenging” to solve. Then we asked them to pick their biggest challenge for the year.
Finally, we collected basic information to understand the person taking the survey. We used LinkedIn to confirm all the participants in the survey were in fact who they said they were.
What we discovered is by a large margin, professionals felt that “hiring and managing quality staff” was the biggest challenge. The next four challenges were:

  • Lowering costs
  • Unexpected damage and maintenance
  •  Increasing revenue
  •  Time Management

With the data we collected, we created this infographic along with a special report people can download on our site.
Next year we plan on doing the survey again, but this time we will be going for 1000 professionals.


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