CafePress vs Zazzle: Which POD Website Is Better For Artists

The boost of the print-on-demand industry over the past two years has led to the emergence of many new software solutions. Their consumers (suppliers of POD-products) are confused about what to choose, and what will become the best app for their business.

In our study, two key solutions are taken: Zazzle and Caffepress. These platforms have established as the best on the market and have maintained this position for more than two decades. That is why they can be taken as a reference in competitors analysis and app choice process.

When compared, we found that Zazzle has an advantage in Royalty Rate criterion and Caffepress – in Associate Sales Bonuses. Other criteria have no differences. This suggests that when choosing a platform for a print-on-demand business, customers should focus on their position – are they suppliers or an employees.

No tangible difference was found for customers-consumers of POD-businesses.

CafePress vs Zazzle

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