Car Tyre Replacement – Step By Step Guide

Planning a Road Trip in your car? No matter, how adventurous your route may be, some fundamental knowledge about the mechanisms of keeping your car on the road will help you have safe drive.

Consider a situation where you are travelling on a lonely stretch of a road where there is no service station and absolutely no human soul in sight and then just like that your car tyre goes flat. Worrying situation, right?

The knowledge and skill of changing your car’s tyres would come in handy at this point of time. A little knowledge never hurt anyone, right!

Changing your car’s tyres is no difficult task. All you need are the proper equipments and knowledge of how to as well as when to use them in a appropriate manner.

With that in mind, this infographic will educate on the step by step procedure to take out the flat tyre and fit in the proper tyre with the set of tools to be used during that procedure.

Safe Travelling Mates!


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