Changes of the iPhone during the last 10 years

If you are going to get a new iPhone but have no idea which one to choose, this piece of analysis of the iPhone by VoucherHoney will give you some advice. This Infographic of iPhone starts with a list of the development of iPhone since the first one that released on 29, June, 2007, you can find the names of each iPhone and their release date. Then follow the prices of all the 18 iPhones that released during the last 10 years, check out carefully at the part and know more about iPhones. The infographic continues with a chart showing sell volumes of iPhones and the best-selling iPhones between 2007 and 2017, which will be helpful when you are selecting a suitable iPhone. And last you must be curious about the newest and the most expensive iPhone X, take a look at the final part and find out how much it is all over the world.

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