Build or Buy? Choosing Between Custom Production Lines and Turnkey Solutions

The construction of your company’s newest manufacturing facility has just wrapped up, and now you’re need a production line to go with it. Are you looking for an all-around system that you can easily deploy, or do you need cutting-edge machines to keep you ahead of the competition? Either way, you have to make sure that you purchase a system that fits your business needs to a tee. This means you’ll be weighing between custom production lines and turnkey solutions at some point.

Custom production lines are built from scratch and tailored to your company’s specific requirements. You get to handpick each machine before arranging everything into a system that is both optimized and easy to scale up. Meanwhile, turnkey solutions are packaged and purchased as complete products. They’re often expertly integrated, ensuring minimal risks and runtime glitches.

Wondering which of these choices will help you hit your production goals most efficiently? You’ll want to take a look at this infographic comparing custom production lines and turnkey solutions, as well as a third in-between option that more suppliers are trying out. This guide also includes a few tips to help you single out the best manufacturing line for your new facility.


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