Clash of the Titans, Audi A Series v/s Audi S Series

The four interlocking rings on the Audi badge have become the status symbol for everyone. Audi is leading the automotive industry by manufacturing the heartbreaking cars of the current era. Its most famous vehicles are produced under the two famous series, the A series and the S series. Both are renounced in producing elegant cars in looks as well as in engine powers. From Audi A1 to A8, to the S1 to S8, you have the option to choose the model that fits according to your needs. To make your decision easier and to save your time, this infographic is a clear view of some of the most prominent features of all models of A series and S series with a brief comparison. Whether it’s the engine power or the horse power, top speed or the Co2 emission, you will find such information that helps you make a wise decision.

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