Colleges Rebound through Mergers

Colleges have been on a downward slope for years now. What was previously one of the most efficient and surefire ways for economic mobility is now a much more mixed bag of results. For many, staying a high school grad and moving straight into the workforce will earn them a much higher paycheck in the end.

This sounds like not such a bad thing, college isn’t the only option, and it still can be a really lucrative choice for some. The ugly side of the problem is that the colleges that do remain are having to reach an increasingly high bar. As the value of the degree falls but tuition continues to rise, the value of the college itself must rise to accompany it.

This is hard when considering that less students are applying, colleges are making less money, and understaffing is rampant. College shutdowns are happening now more than ever, but an interesting alternative is the college merger. College mergers see what are typically larger and more successful colleges take in struggling ones to keep them afloat.

Students then have a place to go, staff has a potential path for employment, and files will be transferred much more clearly. Colleges shutting down puts education in a tough place in America, but college mergers can help ensure that the remaining colleges are strong.

Even online, acquisitions are becoming more commonplace as colleges merge to be a more cohesive entity. There are few spots more grim for a college than facing complete economic failure. College mergers are unique in the chance they offer to rebound and create something out of that failure.

Colleges Rebound through Mergers

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