The Common Reasons for Road Collision: Drowsy vs Drunk Driving

Is the accident really common on the road? The infographic will discuss how accidents could take place when you almost not expected. There are a few reasons why most drivers are involved in a different traffic collision on the road. The statistics show about 10,000 people died each year from the alcohol-related collision.

The infographic determines how crucial these issues in our modern days. These common driving distractions are dangerous and take more lives if not resolve. It leads us with a common understanding of why this happens. Here are some tips to combat drowsiness and intoxication when driving. Giving yourself a good rest will help you concentrate on the wheel. Lack of sleep can cause impairment of the human brain to function well and result in a serious accident. It’s important not to drive alone.

Ask someone to accompany and assist you while driving. Drinking high caffeine beverages before traveling will keep you awake and alert on the road. Any forms of accidents can put yourself or anyone at risk if you neglect these tips.


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