Common Skincare Problems during the Rainy Season

The arrival of the rainy season means chiller days that makes people want to just curl up and hibernate on bed all day, and get cozy by wearing thick sweaters. However, rainy days also mean the hassle of wetting your shoes and clothes when you travel, which can lead to skin problems such as Athlete’s Foot, along with a range of skin problems.

Monsoon is a result of warmer land surfaces, expansion of air above it, and development of low pressure  which encourages moisture from the ocean breeze in the air. The combination of warmth with moist in the environment during rainy season becomes a perfect breeding ground for skin infection-causing fungus and bacteria. This is why the rainy season is also a common time for a range of skin problems to affect people’s skin.

Keeping your body squeaky clean and dry is a must during this wet season. But not just that, there are more preventive measures that you can take to avoid these skin problems. Here’s a complete infographic by SkinCell, one of the trusted derma clinics in the Philippines, to show you the most common skin problems during rainy season and some useful tips to keep them at bay.


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