5 Types of Content That Will Improve Your Local SEO

Many business owners get carried away with their SEO efforts, attempting to reach a global audience while ignoring their local community. This is not optimal. Local SEO is a legitimate way to grow your business and acquire more customers that few businesses use. In fact, providing local SEO content may benefit your online marketing as well as your ranking.

If you’re struggling to outperform your competitors, attracting local reach may be just what you need to get ahead. To assist you with this, we will discuss what types of local content you should create and how to publish it to improve the overall SEO of your website. Therefore, without further ado, here are the five types of content that will improve your local SEO.

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1. Content with relevant, local keywords

Believe it or not, local business is much more popular than global business. Research indicates that eight out of ten individuals would rather purchase an item locally than online. This means that when your local customers want to find something to buy, they will most likely use specific keywords to find it locally.

They often utilize precise keywords with geographical names or near-me phrases to find what they are looking for in their area. If you want to benefit from this, you must have insight into the local keywords that are relevant to your business. If you know how to do proper keyword analysis, you shouldn’t have any issues with this.

Of course, you should not use popular local keywords simply because they are popular. You must strike a balance between popularity and relevance. This will, of course, primarily depend on the type of business you run, the location from which you operate, and the level of competition in your region.

That being said, if you want to take your keyword research a step further, you can also conduct a competition analysis. According to AZ Citation Services, knowing which keywords your local competitors are ranking for will significantly assist you in determining which keywords you should aim to rank for.

2. Geographically relevant content

This type of content is made with the help of Schema markup. This tool is essential for any sort of SEO. With this type of content, you will improve your local SEO by emphasizing the geographical location of your business. If you include local keywords in your web content, search engines will be able to read and understand it more easily. The search engines will recognize that your content is highly relevant if someone in those locations searches for your business. Your local SEO rankings will not improve right away, but they will help establish your relevance for local searches.

3. Content about local activities and events

If you have a thriving blog that you refresh with new content regularly, you will have a much easier time ranking high on google. One of the most effective marketing methods for targeting and competing regarding ranking is having an active blog. Local events, festivals, and other public activities in your neighborhood are great places to find inspiration for local content.

This is particularly true when it pertains to your company. You may write about your engagement and where others can reach you if you are a sponsor. You may make it a marketing event by offering customers coupons or discounts if they visit your shop. Even if you aren’t participating, it’s a good idea to link it to your company if possible. Some other types of blog content that will improve your SEO are:

  1. Case Study about the event.
  2. History of the event.
  3. Interviews with attendants.
  4. News surrounding the event.

4. Content for other local websites

You should not be apprehensive about writing guest posts for local websites. Writing guest posts will help you grow your website as long as you are not writing directly for your competition. Guest posts are beneficial because they establish you as an expert on the subject matter you cover.

Furthermore, they provide opportunities for backlinking, which will allow your website to receive significantly more traffic than it would if you avoided writing guest posts. The type of content you should create for a guest post will vary. You might offer to compose something that appeals to your company’s specialty while still being regionally relevant.

You may even cross-promote with them so that they publish something related to their topic on your website later down the line. In any case, if you haven’t created any guest posts so far, we strongly suggest that you look into it.

5. FAQ section

FAQ pages are a great way to provide local content for your website. Making a section of your website dedicated to frequently asked questions will put you in direct contact with members of your community. You will provide them with a channel through which they can ask any question, and you will respond to all of them.

Not only will this improve how members of your community view you, but it will also result in an increase in the number of visitors to your website. You will also have a better understanding of the requirements of your site visitors. After that, you will be able to modify your website or how you conduct business to make it more accessible to everyone.


Your local SEO strategy needs to be comprehensive so that local customers can find you. As we’ve discussed today, a local SEO strategy should also include a well-thought-out content marketing strategy. Your company will be in a far better position to compete with other local and regional businesses if you can do all this successfully.

Hopefully, you will be able to use the five types of content that will improve your local SEO. However, if you are having difficulty determining how to improve your SEO, you can always find services that can assist you in your pursuit of successfully developing your business.

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