Dental Implants vs Dentures: Which One is Right for You?

Losing teeth can affect your self-esteem as you won’t be able to confidently smile anymore. In addition, thinking about replacing your teeth can be quite overwhelming. You must consider convenience, longevity, and overall health while ensuring you have enough budget.

Fortunately, while there are several restoration options out there, you only really need to consider the two most recommended treatments by dentists—dental implants and dentures.

They are both excellent dental treatments that can replace your missing teeth with new, artificial teeth. Dental implants, in particular, give you teeth that look and function much like your real ones. On the other hand, dentures are also an attractive option but they can feel uncomfortable at times. With that said, they are still great, especially if you want a quick solution.

To learn which dental restoration option is for you, check out this infographic presented by Philippine Dental Implants, a reputable dental clinic in Quezon City. It shows the major differences between dental implants and dentures.


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