Distracted Driving

The Auto Accident Death Rate Has Climbed By Over 40% Over The Past Decade Due To Distracted Driving

Although technological advancements have improved the safety features of automobiles, both in terms of navigation and crash protection features, smart phones and other network-enabled devices increasingly command the attention of drivers.

And not all distractions are created equal. While listening to loud music might be distracting enough to take your mind off of the critical task at hand, answering the phone or responding to a text message can additionally take your hands off the wheel, and can even take a driver’s eyes off the road for a long enough period of time to drive the entire length of a football field.

What You Can Do To Prevent Distracted Driving:

Be aware: Understand that using a smart phone or other device while driving is likely much more dangerous that it may seem.

Set limits: Disable your smart phone’s ringer, email, text and other message notifications while operating a motor vehicle.

Distracted Driving

Infographic Source: https://www.sallymorinlaw.com/distracted-driving-infographic/

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