Do You Need A Plumber OR A Gas Engineer?

Up to 150000 Plumbers & Gas Engineers are operating in the United Kingdom.

Both Plumbers and Gas Engineers have different skills that crossover into both trades.

Plumbers install, service and repair water systems in homes and commercial premises.

Gas Engineers install, service and repair gas central heating systems and appliances in homes and commercial settings.

Most Plumbers are also Gas Safe Registered Engineers working on water and gas systems.

Plumbers are often called out to remove blockages and repair leaks. Blockages occur in all waste pipes throughout the home, in the toilet, sink, shower, and bath drains.

Leaks can occur anywhere in the Plumbing system and cause significant and expensive damage.

Plumbers install and maintain all Plumbing parts in the home, including water pipes, waste pipes, sinks, toilets, basins, taps and showers.

Gas Safe Registered Engineers work on central heating systems. Their main job is to install, service and repair Boilers.

Gas Engineers also work on all other parts of the central heating system, including water pipes, gas pipes, water cylinders, tanks, controls, underfloor heating pipes, radiators and valves.

Do You Need A Plumber OR A Gas Engineer

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